Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan

Alan Jackson
JGL Livestock

Vice President:
Brent Brooks
Northern Livestock Services

Past President:
Stewart Stone
Heartland Livestock Sales


Tyler Cronkhite
Cowtown Livestock Exchange

Lyal Fox
Just Livestock Services

Scott Gilroy
JGL Livestock

Justin Kahl
Spiritwood Stockyards

Rick Oakes
Canadian Cattle Buyers Credit

Pat Tellier
Saskatoon Livestock Sales

John Williamson
Mankota Stockmen's
Weigh Co.

Executive Director:
Adele Buettner
AgriBiz Communications Corp.

Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan
"Promoting competitive bidding in the marketing of livestock"

Information Guide

This LMS Information Guide is provided to LMS members for reference purposes and should not be used as a substitute for legal advice.

Licence Requirements and Licensee Responsibilities

In keeping with the Animal Products Act, Chapter 20.2 Regulation 9, a Livestock Dealer, a Livestock Agent or a Livestock Dealer’s Branch, which is any stationary permanent place of business of a livestock dealer in addition to the principal place of business of the livestock dealer, must be issued a licence by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture signed by the Minister. The license, which cost $100 and expires on December 31 of each year, must be renewed annually, is not transferable and must be on display at the Licensee’s place of business.

In applying for a licence, the applicant must provide a Surety Bond and make a Statutory Declaration estimating the number of livestock to be purchased during the ensuing 12-month period.

A Livestock Dealer is accountable and responsible for the acts of his or her Livestock Agents.A Licensee or person employed by a Livestock Dealer to receive livestock for sale, slaughter or assembly shall obtain a Livestock Manifest from the operator of the vehicle transporting the livestock or the person accompanying the livestock on foot.

A Licensee shall:

  • Ensure that livestock weights are determined on weigh scales approved pursuant to the Weights and Measures Act (Canada).
  • Transport or assign livestock for transportation upon receipt of a Livestock Permit.
  • Notify an inspector prior to purchasing livestock from a farm or ranch.
  • Ensure that livestock is only offered for sale in the name of the owner of the livestock.
  • Ensure that when livestock are sold, the surname, commonly used given name and initial or initials, or computerized identification number of the purchaser, is placed on the scale ticket or other serial-numbered document.
  • Ensure that every scale ticket or other serial-numbered document matches the livestock invoiced or sold and that the true weight of the livestock is stated at the time of the sale.

A Licensee may:

  • Use code names on scale tickets or other serial-numbered documents where the livestock dealer’s surname or the first letters of the surname are a part of the code name
  • Offer livestock for resale in the name of the livestock dealer after completing a Livestock Manifest and meeting all the requirements that apply to a contributor who offers livestock for public sale. - Careers in the cattle sector
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