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Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan
"Promoting competitive bidding in the marketing of livestock"

Livestock Marketers Focus on Student Outreach

February 12, 2015

Students interested in a career in livestock marketing now will have the opportunity this winter to learn firsthand from those who work in the livestock marketing industry.

"Livestock marketing professionals from our organization will be presenting to classes in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources at the University of Saskatchewan," explains Adele Buettner, Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan (LMS) Executive Director. "Not only will students have the opportunity to meet with our members to gain from their knowledge of livestock marketing, but they'll also get a glimpse of what it's like to be involved in the industry."

During the month of March, two members of LMS will present to 127 third and fourth year students enrolled in grain and livestock marketing classes. Topics that will be addressed include information on the concept of 'basis' in feeder cattle and live cattle; cattle cycles, supply, demand and what makes cattle prices rise and fall; basic selling strategies for feeder cattle and live cattle; selling finished fat cattle; and the Cattle Price Insurance Program (CPIP). At the same time, students in attendance will learn about LMS and about the presenters' companies and role in livestock marketing.

"This is just the first step for our organization in connecting with youth," emphasizes Stewart Stone, President of LMS. "We are considering several other initiatives to educate students about livestock marketing and the tremendous potential of careers in this industry."

For more information, contact:

Stewart Stone

Adele Buettner

LMS promotes competitive bidding in the marketing of livestock by: establishing collaborative relations with industry partners; developing educational activities for members; and adhering to sound business practices and responsible animal welfare at members' auction markets. Saskatchewan has the second largest cow herd in Canada. Over 90 percent of the cattle marketed in Saskatchewan are sold through members of the Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan.


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