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JGL Livestock

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Brent Brooks
Northern Livestock Services

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Stewart Stone
Heartland Livestock Sales


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Cowtown Livestock Exchange

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Just Livestock Services

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JGL Livestock

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Spiritwood Stockyards

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Canadian Cattle Buyers Credit

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Saskatoon Livestock Sales

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Mankota Stockmen's
Weigh Co.

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Adele Buettner
AgriBiz Communications Corp.

Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan
"Promoting competitive bidding in the marketing of livestock"

Resources is a collection of career profiles & resources for job seekers who want to know more about opportunities working in the beef cattle sector. 

​The beef industry cannot function with just farmers and ranchers selling their cows to market; other people work in various jobs to help producers make the most out of raising cattle while ensuring the health and welfare of the animals they depend on.  

A wide variety of careers exist in the beef industry, and we provide this information in a detailed manner. View short clips of individuals working in specific careers and find information on education and training requirements for the jobs that interest you.

Training Manual and DVD

The ‘Livestock Handling Practices for Marketing Centre Staff’ manual and DVD enable employees to learn about safety and humane handling. Both are easy to follow and understand.

This educational package provides an overview for new employees, especially those unfamiliar with handling cattle in an auction market or assembly yard setting, and serves as a refresher for experienced workers.

LMS members receive one copy of the made-in-Saskatchewan manual and DVD as a membership benefit. Copies may be ordered for $79.95 plus GST, shipping and handling by calling 306.933.4404.


Definitions of terms used in the marketing of livestock

Information Guide

This LMS Information Guide is provided to LMS members for reference purposes and should not be used as a substitute for legal advice.

Codes of Practice

Humane Euthanasia Techniques in Cattle

Euthanasia of livestock is necessary to prevent suffering and for humane slaughter. On-farm euthanasia of sick or injured animals, humane killing of animals injured in livestock transport accidents, and humane euthanasia for disease control purposes are all examples of where knowledge of principles of humane euthanasia is required.

The video "Humane Euthanasia Techniques in Cattle" is intended for use by veterinarians, veterinary students, regulatory officials, farm staff, RCMP officers, first responders and others.


National Applied Research Project
Many factors determine the most appropriate radio frequency identification system for movement tracking in different receiving areas and sale rings. They’re reviewed in the ‘National Applied Research Project: study of radio identification systems at livestock auction markets across Canada.’  The study, published by the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) in March 2010, is available here:
Download Report PDF (1.79 MB)

Auction Market Reader Board Requirements
Want to know about weights and measures requirements for livestock? This presentation from the Livestock Markets Associations of Canada (LMAC) in May 2010 covers topics ranging from Measurement Canada and Weighing Legislation to the use of scoreboards. 
Download Measurement Canada presentation (PDF 825 KB)


Canada’s traceability process is considered an important step towards the containment and eradication of animal disease. The TRACE system is built on three elements: animal identification, premises identification and movement reporting, and creates a need for change throughout Canada’s cattle industry. Animal identification for cattle is mandatory in Canada.

LMS members recognize a smooth transition means working together with Saskatchewan cattle producers and other industry stakeholders. For a better understanding of how the Canadian Cattle Identification Program will affect you, ask the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency.

Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
Head Office 
7646 - 8th Street NE 
Calgary, Alberta T2E 8X4 
Toll-Free: 877-909-2333 (BEEF) 
Phone: 403-275-2083
Call Centre hours are 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Time), Monday to Friday 
Fax: 403-275-1668 

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture provides information regarding the Premises Identification System and the CFIA provides answers to frequently asked traceability questions.

See below for a description of regulatory requirements relating to: - Careers in the cattle sector
Learn about safe and humane handling
Livestock Handling Practices for Marketing Centre Staff

Low Stress Cattle Handling

CFIA Regulatory Information